Daily supplement of probiotics benefits your baby’s immune system

The intestine is our largest immune organ. By adding probiotics to infants and toddlers every day, it can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, help balancing intestinal micro-ecology, promote food digestion and nutrient absorption, enable infants and toddlers to grow healthier.

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Help protect your child

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Is there any age limit for
probiotic supplements?

Babies have bacteria in their gut from birth. The sooner the intestinal microecology is established, the more protection infants have from a variety of digestive and immune problems. Appropriate administration of probiotics can help to establish a good fundamental intestinal microecology.


Can probiotics be supplemented
through normal daily diet?

Yes, but the volume of probiotics consumed within infant’s daily is limited. An active probiotic supplement can address this deficit.


How to take

Probiotics are sensitive to heat. If mixing active probiotics into liquid, ensure the temperature is at approx. 37ºC . To reduce exposure to air, immediate consumption is highly recommended.


When is the best time of day
to take probiotics?

Probiotic bacteria are more likely to survive in a less acidic environment, so it is best to feed your baby probiotics prior to breakfast and dinner.