Smaller fat globules for better digestion and absorption

Worried that your little one is unable to digest and absorb nutrients well? Try goat milk as an alternative! The fat globules in goat milk are smaller than those in cow milk, which makes it relatively easy for tiny tummies to break down and digest, resulting in balanced nutrients absorption.


SN-2 Goat Plus supports nutrient absorption and smooth bowel movement

Worried about hard stools when feeding formula? Biostime® SN-2 Goat Plus Premium Formula uses fat optimisation technology to optimize fat that is similar to breast milk, which is clinically proven to reduce the hardness of stools and help nutrient absorption. While newly added goat milk molecules, blended with Biostime® probiotics** and prebiotics combination, simultaneously work towards supporting healthy digestion and immunity.

** The Biostime® probiotics combination that have been added in this formula are: Lactobacillus helveticus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium infantis

100% pure goat milk protein

Why are some babies sensitive to cow milk? Maybe because cow milk contains a relatively high amount of allergen protein#. Formulated with precious goat milk protein, the amount of allergen protein in goat milk is only 1/7^ to those in cow milk. And with a protein composition that is similar to breast milk^, our formula is easy to absorb and naturally gentle on tiny tummies.

#Allergen protein refers to αS1 -casein.
^Reference: “The comparison of nutrients among goat milk, cow milk and breast milk” By Gu HaoFeng

Go for the naturally mild taste of 100% Australian imported

Our goat milk formula is officially imported from Australia, production in Victoria, a state in South Eastern Australia, also known as The Garden State. There are vast and natural grassland, upon with the highest ratio of sheep to people in the world. With a flat terrain and gentle climate, Victoria provides excellent conditions for sheep to grow. Biostime® goat milk formula contains no added sucrose or flavours. It’s a naturally gentle taste your little one will love!